International Shell Fuel Card

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International Shell fuel card Fuelogic
  • Diesel & Petrol
  • Vans, Cars, LCVs & HGVs


More Information

  • VAT approved invoices direct from Shell
  • Free online account
  • Access to free online sat nav downloads
  • PIN protection
  • Cashless payments


  • Sites: Shell sites accross Europe.
  • Products Available: AdBlue, Lubricants, Tolls, Car Wash and Shop Goods.
  • Security Options: PIN protected and maximum fill limit options, if exceeded alerts are available.


  • Supermarket and restaurant facilities
  • Clean w/c and rest facilities
  • Free cash withdrawals
  • “Stop and take a break” area
  • Dedicated truck / lorry parking area
  • Truck wash
  • VAT recovery
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Introduction to Shell

Shell is one of the largest branded retailers in the world with 46,000 sites.

With over 100 years of history and operating in more than 110 countries, Shell have the largest owned network and the largest third party cross acceptance network in the world.

The benefits of International Shell

Why does Shell Stand out?

  • Dedicated fraud team who tracks trends to keep customers safe
  • Quality fuel throughout their network
  • Strength of their own brand
  • Trust in their reputation and security of forecourts

International Shell

International Shell are ‘Your partner on the Road’ the only fuel provider that can offer a global solution.

What can International Shell offer?

  • One of the largest network coverage
  • A number of services under one brand
  • Competitive fuel pricing
  • Enhanced data and fleet management information
  • Tolls
  • Inter-modal (ferries & Rola)
  • Assistance (Breakdowns & fines)
  • Parking
  • Technology
  • VAT recovery
  • Truckwash
  • Enhanced security (PIN)

International Shell gives excellent coverage throughout Europe, with around 12,000 sites in total. Shell also have a ‘HGV’ network throughout Europe, which includes over 680 motorway sites.

Some countries in Europe do not have an extensive Shell network, however Shell have partnered with many oil companies who have agreed to accept International Shell on their network.


  • One service solution for all countries
  • Reduced customer administration
  • European site locator


  • All expenses at a glance, both fuel and services on the road
  • All international pricing available in Shell Card Online (SCOL)
  • Services in Shell Card Online (SCOL), tools to optimise and road taxes and tolls


  • Fast card blocking
  • Dedicated fraud detection team
  • Exception reports to prevent unauthorised use


  • VAT recovery savings + Net invoicing service
  • Time savings – sites on many different types of route (no need for route deviation)
  • E Tolls – one ebox for multiple countries which means discounts for frequent service users

Services in Europe available on the International Shell card include:

  • VAT Recovery
  • Road taxes (French, German, Austrian, Czech etc)
  • Motorway tolls & cards
  • Tunnels & bridges
  • Ferries
  • ROLA (Austrian train freight)
  • Breakdown assistance

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