Keep your engine younger, for longer

Fuelogic is partnered with an official reseller of total lubricants, the world's 5th international Oil Company. It‘s our aim to determine Total as the chosen brand, to both the Automotive and Commercial industries across the UK, by exhibiting their variety of high quality lubricants.

Along with the introduction of extended service intervals by the vehicle manufacturers and lubricants becoming more engine specific through government regulation regarding emissions, the vehicle service industry has encountered loss in terms of volume and revenue combined with the obligation to hold an ever increasing array of products.

By presenting a highly recognised forecourt brand to the end user, vehicle repairers are able to service vehicles that are under manufacturers warranty. It is important that products not only meet the very latest specifications but also are fully endorsed and approved by the vehicle manufacturers enabling service centres to achieve optimum margins. Use Total lubricants to keep your engine younger, for longer.

Lube Advisor

The lube advisor helps you choose which lube would be best suited to your vehicle simply by following the simple steps below.